Devlog 03 - First Person Ant-Shooting Minigames

Hello everybody, welcome to the third devlog of ICFTD Remake.

I can't believe February almost passed by and I haven't published anything. I really want to publish these devlogs more often but believe me when I say that there is a lot of work that went into this one.

I have read a couple comments here and there talking about the lack of character and ants in previous videos. I have to admit that I have way more interest in environment modelling and world building than in character modelling but there are also a lot of systems (which need a lot of programming and setup) that have to be done before throwing artwork into the game. Environment objects are static and don't interact with these systems so much and therefore, no matter how much these systems change, the artwork and setup probably won't have to be redone.
Characters and dynamic objects are a different kettle of fish, they usually have tons of component and systems attached to them so if these systems change in …

Devlog 02 - UI Systems and Gas Station

Hello everybody, welcome to the second devlog of ICFTD Remake.

This month I have been working on the different game mechanics that are tightly coupled with the UI while trying to figure out how the gameplay will feel like. My target is to get away a bit from the original game flow where all the character options were mixed with conversation choices and other actions.

Also, since the game will be displayed mainly from a static camera I considered it´ll be more interesting to give the player the opportunity to interact with objects and characters of the scene.

Another thing I've paid attention to in this devlog is the time management aspect of the game. Improving the day/night cycle and implementing a resting system similar to the one you can find in modern Elder Scrolls games.

I've been also having a lot of fun creating the Gas Station of Lizard Breath. Which to be fair, is one of the most basic scenes of the original game. So I decided to spice it up a little, following all k…

Devlog 01 - Fire-Extinguishing Minigame

Hello everybody, welcome to the first devlog of ICFTD Remake.

I'm very excited to be finally publishing these updates, I hope you enjoy them and they help you to understand a bit more about the amount of work and effort behind a project like this.

The way I will progress on these videos and on the game is focusing my efforts on the content of the first day of the game with the aim of getting a playable demo at some point of 2019. Just as a reminder, in the original game you had around 14 days to complete your investigation starting the 1st of June.

Even with this scope in mind. this is gonna be a LOT OF WORK. In order to keep you updated, I have added to this blog page called "Roadmap" which I'll be updating as I finish the first pass on some tasks that will be part of the demo.

This roadmap and demo content is likely to change but I think it is really cool to have this kind of transparency with anyone interested in the project.

This week I have been working on the …

First teaser trailer!

The time has finally come, I would like to show some bits of a project I've been working on for a while now. A  remake of the masterpiece developed in 1989 by Cinemaware: "It came from the Desert" (ICFTD for short). 
I was about 1 year old when ICFTD came out although it wasn't after a few years later that I finally got to play it on my AMIGA 500. This is by far, the game that influenced me the most to get into game development.
Here the teaser trailer that shows what I've been working on, hope you like it. 
You can find more information about the project on the FAQ page.

Here are a few images comparing the scenes with the original game: